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To pray, fast and peacefully witness for an end to intentional destruction of all innocent human lives, especially those most in need.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Only 25% filled on Wednesday - An Abortion Day


The above link is a link to a painting that is called "Mother of the Unborn".

"Miss Tidwell, an American artist, was inspired to paint this beautiful depiction of our Blessed Mother grieving over the millions of aborted babies.  Normally, a picture like this would take her months to finish.  She completed this in two hours.

The stars around Mary's head represent the crown of the Woman of the Apocalypse (12.1): "A woman adorned with the sun, standing on the moon, and with the twelve stars on her head for a crown."  The large star is the "Star of Bethlehem".  The rose colored ball in the lower left corner is the earth in turmoil. The glow of her most Immaculate heart is an evident sign of the tremendous love for all her children, especially the most helpless of all.

The incessant weeping over this horrendous evil has blackened her lovely eyes.  The baby's Guardian Angel seems to be saddened over the death of his charge and grateful for the Blessed Mother's care and concern.

The baby bears the five wounds of our Precious Savior.  Note, both baby and Angel are weeping and the baby's hands are clasped in prayer.

The reason the Blessed Mother's hand and fingernails are dirty is because she has to scoop and dig out these precious souls from the trash bins, garbage dumps, and as in Wichita, Kansas, from a pile ready to be burned with dead animals at their dog pound."  (Rosary Novena for Life, Oct. 28 1992.)

Will you witness for life this week?


Tuesday, 12/9 - Only 56% filled on this Abortion Day - 1 needed at 12p; 2 needed at 2p; 2 needed at 3p and 2 needed at 4p.

Wednesday, 12/10 - Just 25% filled on this Abortion Day - 1 needed at 8a; 2 needed at 9a; 2 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 11a; 2 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 1p; 2 needed at 2p; 2 needed at 3p and 2 needed at 4p.

Thursday, 12/11 - Only 44% filled - 2 needed at 9a; 2 needed at 10a; 1 needed at 11a; 2 needed at 12p; 1 needed at 3p and 2 needed at 5p.

To sign up for hours go to: vigilforlife.org/calendar/monthview or call (608)393-8545 or e-mail info@vigilforllife.org.


Empty Manger Caroling - Monday, December 22nd - 4p - 3706 Orin Rd., Madison, WI

Bring hope and joy to the sidewalk with Christmas carols.
 7th Annual Respect Life Retreat hosted by Servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Vigil for Life - Friday, Dec. 19th & Sat., Dec. 20th.

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 Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Litany of Loreto)

Lord, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.

Christ, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.

Christ, graciously hear us.

The response after each is "have mercy on us"

God the Father of Heaven,
God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
God the Holy Spirit,
Holy Trinity, One God,

The response after each is "pray for us"

Holy Mary,
Holy Mother of God,
Holy Virgin of virgins, .
Mother of Christ, .
Mother of divine grace,
Mother most pure,
Mother most chaste,
Mother inviolate,
Mother undefiled,
Mother most amiable,
Mother most admirable,
Mother of good counsel,
Mother of our Creator,
Mother of our Savior,
Mother of the Church,
Virgin most prudent,
Virgin most venerable,
Virgin most renowned,
Virgin most powerful,
Virgin most merciful,
Virgin most faithful,
Mirror of justice,
Seat of wisdom,
Cause of our joy,
Spiritual vessel,
Vessel of honor,
Singular vessel of devotion,
Mystical rose,
Tower of David, .
Tower of ivory,
House of gold,
Ark of the covenant,
Gate of Heaven,
Morning star,
Health of the sick,
Refuge of sinners,
Comforter of the afflicted,
Help of Christians, pray for us.
Queen of angels,
Queen of patriarchs,
Queen of prophets,
Queen of apostles,
Queen of martyrs,
Queen of confessors,
Queen of virgins,
Queen of all saints,
Queen conceived without
Original Sin,
Queen assumed into Heaven,
Queen of the holy Rosary,
Queen of families,
Queen of peace,

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,

Spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,

Graciously, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,

Have mercy on us.

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God,

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

During Advent:

Let us pray - O God, you willed that, at the message of an angel, your word should take flesh  in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant to your suppliant people, that we, who believe her to be truly the Mother of God, may be helped by her intercession with you. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.